Last things to check for the perfect event!

As season starts, many of you have already planned an amazing event for the summer. The lucky ones are getting ready to fly over the island of Mykonos to enjoy and celebrate under the bright Greek sun and by the alluring blue of the Aegean Sea. The staff of Mykonos Catering Services are here to help you through with all the details for the creation of a flawless event in Mykonos, thus we share the last things to check for the perfect event!


Check your budget. An event is a procedure of adding new things constantly. Menu changes, additions, more services can change till the moment of your event, so stay focused on your budget.


Finalize your guest list. Especially if you are travelling from overseas, you have to come down with the final guest list as soon as possible, so to arrange all the details for anything they might need.


Book early. Mykonos is an island on high demand, especially on the summer months so as soon as you have the exact event date, it is recommended you contacted the accommodation or the venue of your choice. In Mykonos Catering Services, we suggest you check the resort Kosmoplaz Beach as it offers all kind of accommodations at


Listen to the professionals. Do not hesitate to contact your planner all the time and even for the slightest detail in order to ensure that everything will be absolutely perfect.


Upon arrival. When you are in Mykonos, you have to visit the venues for your event and ask your planner to drive you in all the places of your event, speak with the venue’s managers and ask to even have a taste of your menu tastes.


The people of Mykonos Catering Services will always be by your side, both digitally and on the spot, to check the last things for the perfect event in Mykonos. For more contact us at