Restaurant quality food for your event in Mykonos!

Restaurant quality food for your event in Mykonos!


It is among the most popular trends for catering for 2017 the demand for restaurant quality food for your event. Especially when you are organizing a wedding reception or a formal event, you have to offer, besides delicious and innovative tastes, dishes with great and imaginative presentation, plus you have to serve it professionally.

In Mykonos Catering Services, we created a series of menus and services that really meet your requirements when it comes to cater a high end event in Mykonos. We can discuss about the exact tastes that will be included in your menus. Ideas for appetizers, salads and main courses that will be served in your event of refined taste and aesthetic are the first things to choose. The food that we prepare in Mykonos Catering Services is made with fresh ingredients combined with the innovation of our chefs, giving some small gastronomic miracle bursting with flavour.

But, when discussing about restaurant quality food for your event in Mykonos, why not go for a restaurant as a venue to save you from the decoration and setting worries? By the beach of Platys Gialos, you will find Mykonos’s new gastronomic destination; the DK Oyster Restaurant. Introducing some really intriguing gastronomic concepts in a place next to the sea, decorated with sophistication and with an impeccable service, this is the right spot to combine restaurant quality food and professional service in one!

Release yourself from any hustle when it comes to offer your guests an amazing event where the finest tastes of Mykonos in a great location come together to meet your expectations. The people of Mykonos Catering will take care of the details to enjoy some really great quality food served with a smile and professionalism. Just send us your request at and we will make sure that everything will be at its place for a unique and very special event in Mykonos!