Creating your experience: Celebrate your birthday with a special event in Mykonos!

Celebrate your Birthday in Mykonos

Celebrating birthday is such a special occasion all over the world. It’s the day that we are looking forward to, all year long, something like Christmas but in a more personal way. For the lucky ones who have their birthday during summertime, or for the imaginative ones who want to “transfer” the date of their birthday during their holidays in Mykonos, we have some great news; the Mykonos Catering Services and the ideas for organizing the perfect birthday party on the island. Let’s discover how to celebrate your birthday with a special event in Mykonos.

Gather as many friends as you like and then send your request to the Mykonos Catering Services inbox describing all your desires for your birthday party. The address is We will then suggest venues, time and the style of your birthday party in Mykonos. Thinking of lunch, dinner, finger food party or just all day at the beach with cocktails, music and some happenings? Mykonos Catering Services have something to propose for all these options.

We strongly recommend, though, the beach party with finger food and champagne, as it’s the style that expresses mostly the Mykonos spirit and the summer in Greek islands. Imagine having your best friends, book some sun loungers to the beach of Platys Gialos and start enjoying delicious bites and sipping cocktails all day long. There are some dance happenings every afternoon at the beach. You can also arrange to have a dinner at a restaurant by the beach, or, even better, arrange a private dinner for you and your friends only.

Wherever you choose to celebrate your birthday in Mykonos the certain thing is that you will remember it for quite some time as a birthday party that everyone enjoyed and you will create such a lovely experience for all! More details are at