Catering for big parties, groups and events in Mykonos island.

Catering for big parties, groups and events in Mykonos island.

One of the best things about organizing an event in Mykonos is that, thanks to the various indoor and outdoor event venues and locations, there is no limitations for the number of people that you’re about to invite to your big party or event in Mykonos. So, besides the scenery, let’s talk about catering for big parties, groups and events in Mykonos and what Mykonos Catering Services can do for you.

Our long established presence in the gastronomic scene of Mykonos, the delicious tastes and the impeccable service guarantee the creation of a memorable event no matter the number of your guests. Greeks love to invite as many as they can; it is quite often – especially on a wedding- for the whole village or neighbourhood to be invited. Follow their example and, when it comes to the guest list of your event in Mykonos, do not hesitate to invite as many friends, relatives and guests as you like.

Mykonos Catering Services has a long experience in catering for big parties, groups and events in Mykonos. Together, we can choose the venue or the location of the event and we will create the menu. You can choose among the served dinner option or the finger food one, or even a buffet with all the tastes of your choice. There is no reason to worry about transfers and any other special request, as the people of Mykonos Catering Services have solutions and answers to satisfy even the most demanding guest; even if someone wishes to arrive on a yacht or a helicopter, we have the right recommendations.

So, if your mind is up and wish to hold a big party or a big event in Mykonos, just send us all the details and we will make sure that every and each one of your big event in Mykonos will enjoy it! For more details, click on