10 Extras to ask from Mykonos Catering Services

When you are planning an event or a wedding reception in Mykonos, it is not only the food that you can take care of. There are more things to ask and supervise. Let’s talk about the 10 extras that you can ask from Mykonos Catering Services.   1.     Bespoke Menu....

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Private Villa catering service in Mykonos!

Over the last few years, the hospitality in Mykonos has changed and more villas are now available to book and spend your holidays with all these elements that make a villa stay such an amazing experience. You get your privacy, large swimming pools, as many rooms as you wish and,...

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The best menu choices according to your event type!

Every event has a different character and it has to reflect the purpose and the personality of the host. Taking this into account, in Mykonos Catering Services we suggest the most suitable menu according to the time, the number of guests, the budget, the venue and all aspects that make...

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Seafood catering for your event in Mykonos!

Mykonos as an island is known word widely for its delicious seafood and the fresh fish daily caught in the crystal clear waters. The gastronomic seafood trends are amazingly creative over the last years, so next to simple grilled fish today we can find a series of suggestions that impress...

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Tasty Corners for your event in Mykonos!

Once upon a time, during an event, things were rather predictable regarding the food. There could be a big or small buffet or 4- courses served menu that guests were enjoying, following the expected procedure of serving. Well, things have changed over the last years; catering food is not that...

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Mix & Match Tastes for your event in Mykonos

  One of the latest trends in gastronomy wants the tastes to be mixed and matched in a way that can really surprise your guests. Follow us in our today’s article where we will discover the best mix and match tastes for your event in Mykonos!   Forget all about...

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Why Mykonos is ideal for a summer 2017 event

We will never get tired saying that Mykonos is among the top choices when it comes to host an event that you will enjoy from the first to the very last moment. There are various reasons why Mykonos is ideal for a summer 2017 event. The news from the island...

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Mykonos Catering Services Welcomes Summer 2017 Season

As April leaves, May starts and that means summer in Mykonos. The season we are all looking forward to, especially us in Mykonos Catering Services! We are ready to create, serve and cater your special day to make up a memorable event for your occasion in Mykonos island. We are...

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