3 great ideas for your event in Mykonos!

When it comes to your event which you definitely want to be unforgettable, then you have to come up with out of the box ideas so anyone to enjoy attending your celebration or wedding reception in Mykonos. Especially if you are travelling from abroad, you want your guests to have...

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5 marvellous ideas for your event in Mykonos

 Besides food and drinks, in Mykonos Catering Services, we also have some great suggestions to elevate your event in Mykonos into an experience worth living. Here are 5 marvellous ideas for your event in Mykonos including entertainment and some intriguing menu suggestions.   Music. Music is an important part of...

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How to create the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos!

Having a buffet style event is among the most popular choices that you can offer to your event when it comes to food suggestions. Today, we are about to discuss on how to create the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos with the Mykonos Catering Services expertise. First of...

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Catering for children in Mykonos island!

You know that children can be the most demanding guests to your event and they definitely have some particular gastronomic habits that you have to take into account if you want to keep them happy. In Mykonos Catering Services, we have some really interesting suggestions regarding catering for children for...

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The best ideas for an outdoors event in Mykonos

Mykonos means summer! Taking that as a fact, you have also to take for granted the good weather, the amazing sea views, the lovely sunsets and the opportunity to organize an outdoors event in Mykonos. Today we explore the best ideas for an outdoors event in Mykonos, come along as...

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Exotic tastes by Mykonos Catering Services

The notion of exotic tastes can include so many different and intriguing suggestions, more than you can ever imagine. The exotic tastes by Mykonos Catering Services is a menu aspect that you have to consider about your summer event in Mykonos island. An exotic menu can include so many different...

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10 Extras to ask from Mykonos Catering Services

When you are planning an event or a wedding reception in Mykonos, it is not only the food that you can take care of. There are more things to ask and supervise. Let’s talk about the 10 extras that you can ask from Mykonos Catering Services.   1.     Bespoke Menu....

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Private Villa catering service in Mykonos!

Over the last few years, the hospitality in Mykonos has changed and more villas are now available to book and spend your holidays with all these elements that make a villa stay such an amazing experience. You get your privacy, large swimming pools, as many rooms as you wish and,...

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The best menu choices according to your event type!

Every event has a different character and it has to reflect the purpose and the personality of the host. Taking this into account, in Mykonos Catering Services we suggest the most suitable menu according to the time, the number of guests, the budget, the venue and all aspects that make...

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