A themed wedding in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services

Not all weddings are the same and they don’t have to be. We like to think out of the box just like you. As every couple is really special with different backgrounds and needs, in Mykonos Catering Services we love every time we can propose something special and out of...

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Romantic ideas & delicious food for your honeymoon in Mykonos!

We have already discussed all the details about a wedding reception on the island of Mykonos. Today, we are going to talk about the days after or the date that you chose to spend your honeymoon on the island of Mykonos. Here are some romantic ideas & delicious food for...

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Notes for your September event in Mykonos island!

We have already analysed all that elements that make a September event in Mykonos a surprisingly beautiful experience. With the weather been less hot, the island streets less crowded and the prices for accommodation lower, the island of Mykonos becomes, besides a highly prestigious event destination, an amazingly tempting one....

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The 2017 Major Catering Trends!

As the year is now at the middle of its calendar days, more trends occur in the catering world. Let’s take a look at the 2017 major catering trends and take some ideas for the food of your event and even more that you can share with the staff of...

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More for your event in Mykonos: Activities for your guests!

An event is not just the actual time of a wedding or a party, as you and your guests will arrive earlier or stay longer to the event destination. It is not unusual, especially when your event destination is Mykonos for your guests to combine attending your event and have...

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3 great ideas for your event in Mykonos!

When it comes to your event which you definitely want to be unforgettable, then you have to come up with out of the box ideas so anyone to enjoy attending your celebration or wedding reception in Mykonos. Especially if you are travelling from abroad, you want your guests to have...

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5 marvellous ideas for your event in Mykonos

 Besides food and drinks, in Mykonos Catering Services, we also have some great suggestions to elevate your event in Mykonos into an experience worth living. Here are 5 marvellous ideas for your event in Mykonos including entertainment and some intriguing menu suggestions.   Music. Music is an important part of...

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How to create the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos!

Having a buffet style event is among the most popular choices that you can offer to your event when it comes to food suggestions. Today, we are about to discuss on how to create the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos with the Mykonos Catering Services expertise. First of...

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Catering for children in Mykonos island!

You know that children can be the most demanding guests to your event and they definitely have some particular gastronomic habits that you have to take into account if you want to keep them happy. In Mykonos Catering Services, we have some really interesting suggestions regarding catering for children for...

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